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  PAK LAH SOKONG ANWAR DAN PKR? smlm dlm ucapanya pak lah berkata 'a new dawn' for the judiciary, ini adalah salah satu 'tagline' Anwar dan PKR ketika berkempen di PRU 12!

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  Why the fuss about the leadership transition, All MP's should convene and support ANWAR IBRAHIM as Malaysia's new Prime Minister. Seriously. Would u want any other corrupt and sleepy leader to be PM?  Malaysia's PM should be none other than ANWAR!

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  It's not that paklah is 'bad', he is actually a nice guy. Its just that  Anwar is much more suitable than any other M'sian leaders.



Its a very simple calculation. For mathematicians, its kacang putih. let me explain:

Parliament will convene in due course. By then almost all Members of Parliament (MP's) are going to show a no confidence vote against the existing PM!. When the PM resigns, The DYMM YDP AGONG will then ask for a vote for a caretaker PM or Pemangku PM which would likely be YB DS TG Ustaz  Hj Hadi Awang or least Y.B Karpal Singh. Anwar will then seek re-election at either Permatang Pauh or Bandar Tun Razak. Both Wan Azizah and T S Khalid as MP will resign. This is a strategic move because some quarters will try to sabotaj  Anwar's re-election including SPR and 'kaki ampu' at both these places.  So no one knows D S Anwar will contest at PP or BTR. Hi hi hi.......good strategy.....All election machinery from all over the country from all parties like pas, pkr, umno will put their people at these places to either help 'win' Anwar or 'Loose' him out. ! Im sure 100 000 umno members will campaign to belittled Anwar and 1,000,000 million PKR and PAS and DAP and EX-UMNO members will help to campaign for Anwar to win.!

When Anwar Win this by election at either PP or BTR, YB DS TG Ustaz Hj HAdi Awang will resign as caretaker PM and pass the post to Anwar! Anwar Will then take his oath in front of DYMM SBP Agong as Malaysia's New Prime Minister! syabas Anwar!!


This is simple mathematics. I wanna ask Tun Dr M if he agrees. I'm not  expecting a direct Answer as I know Tun will go round the corner and the bushes before he answers my teori directly.




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